About Us


Dunstable Town Band was created in 2005 from the Vauxhall Concert Band with the same players and Musical Directors. We are very grateful to the Dunstable Town Council for their generous support and sponsorship.

The original band was formed as an orchestra in February 1934 and flourished under the direction of Fred Green.  During the war the orchestra held many concerts in aid of the war effort.

In the 1970's the orchestra was changed to a Concert Wind Band and Vauxhall employees were invited to join. In 1982 a change of policy encouraged young people to join but aimed to maintain and improve the quality of the band. Dr. Paul Burrett has taken over as MD and continues this policy.   We are fortunate to have such professional musician as our leader.

The   band now gives various concerts, particularly in the summer.



We do not audition but expect a standard of around grade 5. We welcome new players,  especially young people who may start in the number two band  . This band also welcomes any players who would like to try a new instrument or refresh skills.

see contact page  to obtain information.



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